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High Precision Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine with Automatic Infeed system

                 A high Precision Cylindrical Grinding M/C suitable for both Production and Tool room applications. This machine can be offered in External, Internal or Universal versions. Both work head and wheel head spindles cartridges have multipoint Hydrodynamic bearings. The in feed slides moves on heavy – duty precision pre-loaded antifriction guide ways. Single pushbutton operated auto cycle has rapid approach, coarse feed, fine feed, and spark off rapid retraction. In process gauge can be interfaced on the M/c.

Swing Over Table
Center Distance
Ginding Wheel Diameter
Working Head Centre
Tail stock Centre

Pnuematic Super Finishing equipment

          Pneumatically operated super finishing unit is mounted on the tool post of any lathe. It can super finishing rotating components with the oscillating movement of super finishing stone. It is most useful in improving surface finish, up to 0.02 µm Ra on various Shafts, Piston rolls, Hard Chrome-Copper Plated/Aluminum rolls, Rotogravure rolls, Gear shaft Needles, Spindles etc. Different diameters & lengths can be superfinished.


          The unit is mounted on a tool post of a lathe machine. Fine gravel super-finishing stone is pneumatically pressed against rotating component. During super-finishing operation, the component rotates; super-finishing stone oscillate parallel with the axis of the component at a very high frequency.
By regular flushing action with the help of coolant, high degree of surface finish up to 0.02 micron Ra can be achieved. This can also improves roundness and bearing contact area by eliminating chatter marks.

High Precission 6 feet Lathe

Length of Bed 6 feet
Centre Height 10 1/2 inch
Width of Bed 13 inch
Swing over Bed 21 inch
Swing over cross slide 13 inch
Swing in gap 31 inch
Admit between centres 36 inch
Spindle Bore 2 inch
Ø of Lead screw 1 1/2 inch
Ø Face Plate 12 inch
H P recommended 2  
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