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Surface Preparation Equipment

The most important part of our process is proper preparation. All parts to be coated require some form of cleaning to get rid of the dirt , oil and rust


Solvent Clean: Depending on the properties of the part and the coating to be applied, we may use certain solvents to prepare for the coating application

Vapour Degreasing: When solvents are not appropriate for the part or when we are applying coatings On-Site at the customer's facility we frequently steam clean to prepare the part(s) for coating.

Surface Preparation

Common preparation methods:

Grit Blast: This is a method by which sharp particles of Aluminum Oxide in specific mesh size are propelled via pressurized air at a surface to remove scale and surface contaminants. This also roughens the base material in preparation for the coating to be applied, which helps attain the maximum bond to the base material. We normally specify our blasters to attain a "white metal" standard, and a coating must be applied immediately after grit blasting process.

Bond Enhancers: We sometimes use additives to provide increased strength and uniformity to surfaces.
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