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1. Coating of new pieces

                    VTC Surface Technologies (P) Ltd, offers functional coatings of new pieces supplied by the customer. In any case, where local stress goes beyond the capacities of the basic material, VTCS can offer a solution with its coatings. Our services include the coating of a single to large series of pieces.

2. Manufacturing of complete machine subassemblies

                    VTC Surface Technologies (P) Ltd, manufactures complete machine subassemblies according to customer specifications. You get your components ready for assembly, complete with their functional coating according to the ISO 9001:2000 quality standards.

3. Component regeneration and repair

                    VTC Surface Technologies (P) Ltd, offers solutions for repair and regeneration of components at the end of their running time. In many cases the VTCS coatings offer an economic alternative to the acquisition of new pieces. The possibility of multiple regenerations of components having reached the end of their full functional ability is increasingly used.

4. Mechanical surface treatments

                    VTC Surface Technologies (P) Ltd, offers the use of various mechanical processes for machining a vast number of different surface states.

5. On-site coating

                    VTC Surface Technologies (P) Ltd, also supplies VTCS coating solutions in special fields such as on-site coating. Our customers give their confidence to an experienced VTCS team and appreciate that we respect the terms of delivery.

6. Components analysis and elaboration of alternatives

                    VTC Surface Technologies (P) Ltd, in association with our technology team, offer an analysis of existing material design and the elaboration of appropriate economical alternatives.

7. Customer advising

                    VTC Surface Technologies (P) Ltd, offers, through its external service, competent on-site technical support. We keep on up-dating the technical information on our products.

8. Innovation

                    VTC Surface Technologies (P) Ltd, offers its services as a partner for the common development of innovative solutions and thereby continuously improves its own abilities.

9. Quality

                    VTC Surface Technologies (P) Ltd, offers products meeting with international quality standards.

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